Three Ways to Create Faux Tiled Walls with Paint

Three Ways to Create Faux Tiled Walls with Paint

Instead of using messy tiles and grouts, create a faux tiled wall with paint. The faux tile looks just like the real things, but the installation is easier.
Tiled walls have a great look that turns an ordinary wall into a focal point for your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or even kitchen. Installing tile is often a complicated job, involving several days of work. You must clean the wall, lay the grout or tile adhesive, arrange the tiles, and add more grout over the design. Using paint in place of the tile lets you recreate the look of a traditional tile wall, but with less work and hassle.

Traditional Tile Walls

Create the look of a traditional tile wall with two paint colors. Protect the floors and any surrounding appliances or furniture with newspaper or plastic tarps. Paint the entire wall in a light color of paint, such as white or cream. The lighter color creates the look of grout lines between the faux tiles. Let the paint dry overnight.

Cut strips of masking tape into ½-inch wide pieces. Place one of the strips across the bottom of the wall. Measure up 3-inches and place the second strip of tape. Add additional strips of tape every 3-inches, moving up the wall. Cover the left edge of the wall with another strip of tape. Measure across the wall every 3-inches, adding another piece of tape. Apply paint to the wall, painting over the tape lines. Once the paint dries, remove the tape. The white wall underneath mimics the look of grout lines. Make the squares bigger or smaller, depending on the size you want.

Two-Tone Tile Wall

Start by painting the wall a light color. Let the paint dry completely and decide on the size of the tiles you want. Apply strips of tape, making squares on the wall. If you want 4-inch by 4-inch tile squares, place two pieces of 2-inch tape side-by-side on the wall. Measure 4-inches past the tape and apply more tape. Then, work from the top to the bottom of the wall. You should have a series of squares with every other one covered by tape.

Paint over the tape with one paint color and let dry. Check the paint and apply a second coat if you want more coverage. Peel the tape off the wall. If you want a darker color on the original paint, apply paint to those areas with a small roller and let dry.

Diamond Pattern Tiles

A diamond pattern tiled wall uses a series of diamonds created across the wall. Paint the wall a darker shade, such as royal blue. Cut a sponge into a diamond shape the size you want for the fake tiles. Let the first coat of paint dry and pour a second lighter color into a shallow bowl or plate.

Dip the diamond sponge in the paint and carefully press against the wall. Line the top of the sponge against the bottom of the first diamond and press again. Work your way from the top to the bottom of the wall then from left to right. Dip the sponge into the paint each time you press it against the wall. The lighter color lets a small amount of the darker paint shine through the finished wall.

Ricarda Rutter

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