This Is Why You Should Never Wash Your Jeans

This Is Why You Should Never Wash Your Jeans

Washing jeans in the washing machine is perfectly normal for most people. But experts claim that it is best to avoid it completely.

Do you wash your jeans in the washing machine? You’re not alone in this, because that’s how most denim lovers handle it. But apart from protecting the environment, there are a few other aspects that speak in favor of no longer washing jeans in the washing machine.

Jeans develop their character and shape over time. It adapts to the wearer and becomes more individual the less it is washed. This protects the color, fabric, and shape. The result is a personal piece of clothing that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

That alone is reason enough to just try it without a washing machine. After all, even large and well-known fashion labels such as “APC” find the idea of ​​completely doing without the washing machine very useful. The latter has even integrated a so-called “no-wash policy” into their employee handbook, as reported by the online news magazine “welt.de”.

Washing Jeans Without A Washing Machine

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Ventilate jeans: To rid jeans of musty smells, it is sufficient to simply hang them on the balcony or terrace.

Hanging Jeans in the Steam Room: An old home remedy for removing odors is steam. Simply hang your jeans in the bathroom while showering to rid them of cigarette smoke, greasy odor, and other odors.

Blast Freezing Jeans: This is a powerful way to kill germs and bacteria and give your jeans a freshness boost. Just put the good piece of denim in the freezer overnight. Incidentally, “Levi’s” boss Chip Bergh also follows this trick.

Working on jeans with a toothbrush: But what can you do if the jeans are stained? After all, these cannot be removed with pure ventilation or shock freezing. Stains in denim are simply removed with a toothbrush or a damp sponge with a little washing-up liquid.

Jeans in the dryer: The dryer can also help you get fragrant and fresh jeans. Simply put the trousers in the dryer with a refreshing towel and run a gentle program. Be careful not to get too hot, otherwise, the jeans can shrink. Your jeans will smell like freshly washed.

How do jeans last longer?

There are many benefits to not washing jeans in the washing machine. And one of them is that it automatically makes your jeans last longer. The fabric is exposed to a lot of stress during the washing process in the washing machine. You can get around this by simply not washing your jeans. However, if it cannot be avoided, it is better to hand wash with mild detergent.

So you see: it is not absolutely necessary to wash jeans in a conventional way. Just try out our tips in order to be able to enjoy a particularly individual pair of jeans in the future that will also last longer than other models.

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