How to Lower the Kitchen Renovation Cost

How to Lower the Kitchen Renovation Cost

Renovating a kitchen can be a lengthy and expensive endeavor. Learn how to make the most of a custom kitchen design with some easy do-it-yourself tricks.
One of the biggest factors that may stop a homeowner from undergoing a kitchen renovation is the cost. Cabinets, appliances, granite countertops, tile, and installation; of all these items can add up to more money than a homeowner truly feels comfortable investing. While a large portion of the kitchen renovation should be left to professionals there are several do-it-yourself components that can help lower the kitchen renovation cost.

Be Completely Prepared

One of the fastest ways for a kitchen renovation to begin growing outside of the budget is the items that the homeowner was unaware existed and their costs. Small things like a kitchen backsplash, a larger kitchen sink, or even the moving of a kitchen sink to another area of the kitchen, can turn into more money than the homeowner bargained for. To be completely prepared before approaching a kitchen designer or a contractor check off the following list.

  • Look at photographs of kitchens, note items that are desired, and keep a running list. This list should include faucet styles and finishes, countertop materials, whether or not to include a backsplash or a kitchen island
  • Take all the measurements of the kitchen, including counters, floor space, and wall space. Measure from at least three heights on every wall to get an accurate plan, and find the centerline for the plumbing in the sink
  • Visit the NKBA website and learn how to create a working triangle in the kitchen
  • Map out a working triangle around the current position of the kitchen sink

Become the General Contractor

While it will mean a little more effort and time, the savings can add up if the homeowner takes control of the project from day one. Being the general contractor of the job does not mean needing to design and install each component of the kitchen, but it does require some extra work.

  • Plan out the kitchen triangle and get estimates on the design from cabinet-makers
  • Purchase all materials required. Visit plumbing tile showrooms and ask to see odd lots, returns and seconds to purchase materials for less
  • Hire the tile installer, electrician and plumber directly and coordinate their arrivals
  • Visit a granite quarry to find the lowest cost granite countertops
  • Oversee each step of the kitchen renovation from the ordering of the cabinets to the final install; coordinate the efforts of the various installers

Do-it-Yourself Finishing

When the cabinets, counters, and floors have all been installed and the plumbing and appliances hooked up, why not do the finished work and save the final installation? The following tasks can be done over a few weekend’s time, and their final completion will not hinder the use of the kitchen.

  • Paint the walls and trim, or try a faux finishing technique
  • Install a simple kitchen backsplash
  • Drill the holes for and install the cabinet hardware and handles
  • Seal all the tile grout, the counters, and other natural stone products

Designing a custom kitchen may take some time to implement properly, but with a little patience and leg work, it is possible for a homeowner to take control of the kitchen renovation and help lower the costs.

Ricarda Rutter

*Ricarda Rutter is a Ten News reporter. She’s an award-winning and Walkley nominated journalist. She has worked at the SBS, ABC, and Triple R.Rutter is a mother and a wife.