Carrot Oil: This Is The Quickest Way To Get A Tan

Carrot Oil: This Is The Quickest Way To Get A Tan

Carrot oil is the cheapest and most natural self-tanner you’ll find in drug stores. It is the gentlest and healthiest way to get a natural tan!

Slightly tanned, sun-kissed skin is simply beautiful – but unfortunately, frying in the sun is not particularly healthy. Carrot oil has many advantages compared to expensive self-tanners: It’s cheap, it’s natural and you can find it in drug stores like dm, Rossmann, or in health food stores.

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Why does carrot oil make you brown?

Carrot oil, if used correctly, can create a great tan. This is because carrots contain carotene.

If we consume carotene over a longer period of time, the body stores it in the skin. This leads to the orange-brown coloring of the skin. How the color turns out exactly differs from person to person. The technical term for this change in the skin is called: “Carotenoderma”.

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Carotene protects the skin

Those who start to take carotene weeks before sunbathing (for example as tablets) can support the skin with sun protection. Because, like melanin, carotene protects against solar radiation. This is by no means a substitute for sun protection, but it does mean that we can stay in the sun a little longer. The sun protection factor that can be achieved with carotenes is SPF 1-3.

Carrot oil as a self-tanner

When using carrot oil externally, it is coloring with carotene. Normal self-tanners penetrate the horny layer of the skin from the outside, where they react chemically with the skin’s proteins. Many products contain DHA, a sugar made from glycerine.
Carrot oil is available from dm or other drugstores. 30 ml from the Diaderma brand cost 2.95 euros. It is face oil. However, it can also be used on the body. This carrot oil also contains other ingredients, including many natural substances such as arnica, chamomile, and hamamelis. In combination with the carrot oil, they not only ensure a beautiful complexion but also soothe the skin.

Anyone who is allergic to ingredients or who is pregnant and would like to do without other ingredients should rely on 100 percent carrot oil. This can also be ordered at low prices on the Internet or in health food stores.

What should you consider when using carrot oil?

As with other self -tanners, it is important that the skin is well peeled before use. The less cornification the skin has, the more even the result will be.

Otherwise, you can use the oil in the same way as your facial care in the morning or in the evening after cleansing the skin. Additional effect: after the summer, the oil sets your tan for a while and your complexion stays sun-kissed.


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